Note!!! It’s fully booked but you can fill in the form below. We put you on the reserv list.

Before you go further read the info/conditions/requirements:

So whats the deal?

It’s about a short dirt drag race 1/16 mile (about 100m).

It´s 5-7 July 2019 Råglannaparken, Främmestad S/W Sweden Scandinavia.

The race will be only 300m from the party site on a field behind a barn on the other side of the road.

The track will be prepared, plowed, ring-rolled, bumped and a little gravelled at the start. This year the track will have a bit longer breaking distance and a taxiline parallell to the track.

The classes will be the same this year:

- Four banger flat head (4/B) (over head convetion is ok)

- 6-8 cyl flat head (6-8/FH)

- Rocker arm (R/A)

What else:

- Only traditional hot rods up to 1937

- Only bias ply tires are allowed

- Helmet, comprehensive clothing and gloves

- Fire extinguisher quickly available in every car.

- There will be a security check on each car.

- The start will be two and two next to each other and flagged off.

Everybody will sign to that this is only a veteran rally, not a competition. You drive at your own risk, RCS can not be held responsible at any time.

- Everybody in the race team must be periodically dressed (30-40s style) even functionaries and photographers.

- You will have to pre book and prepay and attach information and pictures about the car.

-The fee on 300kr will not be payed back if you don´t show up for some reason or if the event gets canceled .

-Fill in the race application below, after that you’ll get a mail from us with info about payment and if you are approved for the race.

-Note, there is a limited assumption for the race! First come first served!

Welcome. /RCS crew.

Keep an eye on news, instagram or on facebook for news.

Apply for RCS Dirt Drags

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