Welcome to Roadster Club Scandinavia. 
Join us for great events, good fun and celebrating
the Hot Rod heritage.



We have now grown bigger than we expected and have hard to manage all new members that want to be a part of RCS, therefore we have sharpend the requirements for new members.

To become a member you must own an traditional old school American Hot Rod 1937 or older, with a open top. It can be made of different materials or newer parts than it was originally, but it is important that the body type does not look newer than 1937. We want you to have bias ply tires and no billet rims. Think like this: would my car fit in to a picture that was taken somewere in between 1920s to early 60s? Then you should apply for membership. Please contact us for answers if you are not sure your car would fit in to these requirements. Apply for membership in Roadster Club Scandinavia by using the link below. 

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The membership fee is 200 SEK/swedish crowns the first year, and after that 100 SEK/year. For that you get the RCS start package, which includes: Your personal member number, a sticker (which is updated every year) and a metal plaque with your member number stamped and what year you became a member. Every year you'll get a small sticker to attach on your metal paque. You'll get access to buy "club members only" merchandise, like: T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and stickers e.t.c. As a member you also get a discount at RCS events. The club send out RCS News yearly and also mail alla members some info, for example, invitations to events only for members. You get to be a part of the buy and sell / discuss Facebook group: RCS SWAP/MEMBERS EXCLUSIVELY. This group is only for members. 

Finally, to be a member in the club is also to be a part of a society.

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News! Become a support member.

We have a lot of requests from people from other countrys and pepole that's really in to our kind of cars but maybe not own a car them selves. Now you can become a support member. Who is this support member club for?

- You are interested in what we do

- You live anywear in the world

- You love traditional open hot rods pre 37

- You may not have a roadster or a car at all

you get access to:

- RCS news

- RCS Swap / Members Exclucively on Facebook

- Reduced entrance fees on our events

- Special designed T-shirt

- Support member card

- Yearly support member sticker

- The black sticker

- Special invitations to RCS events

Price 100kr/year - non swedes 130kr  

Use the same form as for members but write "support member" instead of Car, make, model, year

aply today - welcome