Spring run

This little card that I found in the garage helps me preparing for RCS spring run and Flat head speed day.See you guys Saturday ☀️🏁 #roadsterclubscandinavia #prayforgoodweather #americanhotrodfoundation #hopuplive #gasolinemagazine #traditionalhotrod #hotrodhistory #flatheadspeedday #flathead #vintageracing


RCS July 5-7

RCS dirt drag race July 5-7. Next racer up for presentation is Rolf Bäckevik Here with his new built 29 with a in line 6 flat head.He’ll be racing in class FH6-8. Welcome to the track Rolf! 🏁 Read all about the event on the website and on the Facebook event.



Soon it’s time for this event.  First we go to Håkans place and drive the nice small roads out to Flat head speed days and back and then have a bbq in Håkans backyard. Bring your own food and drinks. Read all about it in RCS news.  Note you have to give Håkan a notification if you’re coming.  🏁


New member

Let’s welcome our new member: Roy Idman from Walpole

MA USA. One of his parents was from Sweden.  Roy has been in the hot rod scene for a long time and is a friend of @flathead_ron  .  Here he is in his original Henry Ford 32.  Welcome to the club Roy👍🏁


RCS News

Good news for spring and summer season!!!!


RCS news will soon show up in your mailbox if you’re a member/sup.member.  Don’t forget to check your mailbox this week 📫. If you haven’t got this news this week, check if you payed the yearly fee and check if you have a full mail box.



Picked up a package from one of our sponsors today. Thanks Stina at @bilsportmc for sending the fire extinguishers and the gift-vouchers.That will be some great prizes for the winners at our nostalgia dirt drag.🙏🏾 .

Hey you hotrodders, go check them out!



Read all about the event on the website and on the Facebook event.



Would you miss Christmas when you were 10?Didn’t think so. .


Friends and club mates arranging this.  Important to read the following text below: .



Reliability Run - BBQ - Crazy Music - Bench Racing

IMPORTANT! Read the rules below.

ONLY! Up to 1934 American hot rods in authentic style. No original cars. If you don’t have your car running, please ride with your friends. No other cars allowed anywhere around the site.

Bring your tent, booze and best party mood and tag along!

Remember! This is NOT an event for spectators or other cars or bikes. It's a hot rod meet for hot rod gals and guys coming in cars only.

We'll be there from Friday afternoon and the run starts at 13.00 on Saturday.

May 25 2019

Bergs Festplats, Uddevalla, Sweden

Any questions: a-bombers(at)hotmail.com



This will be so much fun.Looking forward to meet you all and see this classic race.🏁 #roadsterclubscandinavia #prayforgoodweather #americanhotrodfoundation #hopuplive #gasolinemagazine #traditionalhotrod #hotrodhistory #vintageracing #hotrodraces #jalopyrace

#vhra #officialvhra #pendinesands



We want to congratulate Jimmy Engstedt owner of this beautiful deuce and also Stefan Uhlén (original builder of the car) for winning #aaronkaufman special award prize in #elmia2019. This is the biggest indoor show in Sweden. Stefan won people choice at RCSS2 2017 with this car. Hope to see you guys soon and your cars of course👍


Dirt drag

Next racer is Clara from Malmö Sweden.@claraerixon Here with her new built 29, we can’t say at the moment what engine it’ll be since the banger is not ready just yet. What we do know is that Clara’s got a heavy right foot and a race happy heart.She will for sure press that pedal to the floor at RCS dirt track July 5-7 2019.Welcome to the track Clara 👍


Read all about the event on the website and on the Facebook event.


Mark the date!Great event for you who like old vehicles from around the world.Great fun spinning sand, drinking beers and dancing to rockabilly tunes.This event is arranged by a couple of friends and some members of RCS.A lot of fun👍 @romo_motor_festival @thomas_toft_bredahl @31vintagetin @stafferdrengen


Next racer

Next racer is our RCS event graphic designer (also tattoo artist etc.) Emil from Trollhättan SW Sweden.@emiledge @emiledgeother Here with his new built dirt track racer, a 26 on mod A chassis, flat head V8 and some stuff in there to make it shovle up some dirt at RCS dirt track July 5-7 2019.It sure looks great! Welcome to the track Emil👍


Read all about the event on the website and on the Facebook event.