New member.

Or actually it is a upgraded member:) Let’s welcome Christer Eldh from Teckomatorp Sweden.   He has been a support member and now he’s RCS member since he just bought this project, a 1930 roadster.   Christer is also a part of the RCS crew and we’re very happy for that.  Welcome to the club Christer👍. 



RCSS4 Dirt drag: We have two talented photographers from Germany this year: Stefan Sell and Jan Leichsenring.  Thanks guys🙏🏾👍 This photo from Jan.   Racers: Mike and Jan-Olof.  🏁@stefan_sell_vintage_fotografie @janolofodahl @mike_abombers @janolofodahl



Welcome to Boxholms Folkets Hus!

Now you have the opportunity to see Dan Nilsson's documentary about the Swedish pioneers in Hot Rod and Kustomworld.  Please bring your Hot Rod or Kustom car.  If you haven’t got a car you are equally welcome!

When?  11 Aug Kl.  13:00

Where?  Storgatan 31, Boxholm Sweden 

How?  With a smile! #roadsterclubscandinavia #prayforgoodweather #americanhotrodfoundation #hopuplive #gasolinemagazine #traditionalhotrod #hotrodhistory #rcsmember


Scandinavia’s coolest roadster.

Here we go again! Let us present, Scandinavia’s coolest roadster, a 1932 ford roadster, looks more like a Swiss cheese due to all lighting holes.  Honestly, when we first saw this car we almost died.  This car has a an exclusive racing history.  Owner: Hans Rikk from Tomelilla Sweden. We have to mention his good friend Jan Olof Ödahl that woke the old racer back to life again. Congrats Hans! See you. 



As usual, these guys always supports RCS.  Welcome again to the show: JoCar. Thanks Jonas and the team for bringing parts and bodies to the show. And of course sponsoring RCS and the winners.🙏🏾👍. Welcome to RCSS4 tomorrow (July 5-7)🏁☀️🏆Get more info at the Facebook event or on the website.



RCS dirt drag race July 5-7. Next up is the (almost) local guy Ilija from Alingsås Sweden. He’ll be racing in the 4 Banger class.  Welcome to the track Ilija 🏁 

Read all about the event on the website and on the Facebook event.



We’re so happy to welcome our partner/sponsor for the show: Verktygsboden.  Thanks Lars and the team🙏🏾👍. Welcome to RCSS4 July 5-7🏁☀️🏆Get more info at the Facebook event or on the website.