Racing founder

Member and founder of Roadster Club Scandinavia: Håkan will be racing on the beach of Rømø.  This will be so much fun.  See you all down there.  The club wishes you good luck🏁👍🏁👍🏁

Repost from @romo_motor_festival :

Håkan is a good old friend of ours..... he has been into hot rods "forever" and was fascinated by patina long before the masses knew why history was cool.

For that reason, and many more, we are happy to present him as a racer in the 2016 RMF.

His 1932 Roadster wears the scars of a hard life but rest assure, the owner has the will and skill to spin those tires, all in the glory of vintage racing.

Håkan, we look forward to seeing you on the beach of Rømø!

The RMF Team