Beach racing

Here's a very active racer and RCS member. This time he'll race with his coupe (he also have a couple of roadsters😊). Good luck buddy Jan- Olof🏁☀️🏁☀️

Repost from @romo_motor_festival Meet a swede, Jan-Olof Ödahl, and his 1932 Ford 3-window coupe.

This roof chopped coupe is built for racing, with a 1936 flathead V8 topped by an Italmeccanica supercharger.

Brakes are original Ford mechanical and wheels are steel with bias ply's

Power goes through the original '32 gearbox and rear axle.

Jan-Olof is no stranger to beach racing, as he has already raced on Pendine Sands in England......... but will he master the sandflats of Rømø? ;) Come and see for yourself!

Welcome to J.O.

The RMF Team

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